I-5 Bridge Replacement In Motion

- Updated March 18, 2019

New I-5 Bridge on the Horizon After Years of Negotiations


A 101-year old I-5 bridge across the Columbia River in Oregon and Washington State will now be replaced in a new multi-million-dollar project. On March 6, the Washington State Transportation Committee announced that they would allot $450 million in a transportation package totaling $15 billion.


Over the past five years, the replacement for the bridge has caused a variety of issues between these two states and the federal government. Talks about the bridge have been met with resistance in previous negotiations due to the associated costs and differing bridge design ideas.


Yet, the bridge must be replaced for logistical reasons and safety. The past year has pushed this project to the top of the priority list for a variety of stakeholders. However, while Washington State has already pledged $450 million for the project, this amount will not be enough to complete the bridge in its entirety. Rather, Washington State will look to Oregon and the federal government to help supplement the cost of the bridge as well as the project begins.


Looking ahead to the start of the project, there’s still much to be determined. In addition to bridge design, the use of fossil fuels in the project is also being observed. While the bridge is still a work in progress, the project is sure to improve transportation and logistics for all motorists who use it.


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