Power Only & Drayage Services

- Updated March 11, 2019
Power Only Trucking refers to when a shipper has their own trailers that are pre-loaded and they hire a driver and a tractor to come pick up their own trailer and take it to destination. Usually this method is used to transfer product from one distribution center to another, however, it can be used in almost any situation where the shipper has a pre-loaded trailer to be hauled.

Power Only services are often used and referred to as “Drayage” when the move is from a local port to a warehouse. Drayage companies are commonly found domiciled nearby a port such as Long Beach, CA or New Orleans, LA. Chicago, IL also has a large market for drayage because many different train lines intersect and containers need to be moved from one line to another or taken into a warehouse for deconsolidation, whether it be for local delivery or so it can go out of O’Hare to anywhere in the world as air freight.

Tractors used for Power Only moves and Drayage will have an adjustable fifth wheel so that they can be set up to haul any combination of trailer dimension and specifications. This allows them to haul an assortment of trailer types, including but not limited to: dry van, flatbed, shipping containers, refrigerated trailers, and even tanker trailers.

We know it can be hard to locate Drayage capacity in today’s market due to the large influx of intermodal shipping to keep costs down after the crazy freight rate spikes we experienced in 2018. Lucky for you, Left Lane Logistics has agreements with companies in most port cities so that we can get access to immediate Drayage and power only drivers so you don’t get stuck paying storage at the port; we know it gets expensive.

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