The Problem of Truck Parking Shortages

- Updated February 25, 2019

          For most who hold a regular driver’s license, the inconvenience of not being able to find parking is just that…an inconvenience. Yet, for truck drivers, it can be much more serious than that. Today, it’s no longer just difficult to find truck parking, it’s nearly impossible. Keep reading for the top three problems of truck parking shortages.


          Did you know that the average truck driver spends nearly an hour each day looking for parking? This is time they could be driving, time they could be making deliveries, and time they could be eating or sleeping. Think of what you could do with an extra hour a day. For drivers, it’s leading to frustration when the amount of truck parking is simply insufficient to begin with.


          Time is money after all. Due to the time that drivers spend looking for parking rather than driving or making deliveries, it’s estimated that they lose roughly $4,600 in direct compensation annually. While the funding for truck parking has decreased significantly from the government, it doesn’t negate the fact that it is still incredibly necessary. The industry must pay for it even if the state is unable.


          If you’ve never stopped to think about the safety involved in truck parking, here are some fast facts to help you consider what truck drivers are facing.

  • Truck drivers face the most difficulty in finding parking at nighttime.
  • Truck parking shortages occur on major highways and in urban areas.
  • When adverse weather occurs, there’s a significant impact on the availability of truck parking.

           Just from the facts above, you can see that the instances in which truck drivers often need parking the most are when they have it the least. The inaccessibility of truck parking creates instances where drivers could fall asleep at the wheel, drive recklessly on major highways at high speeds or cause an accident due to poor weather conditions. Even if truck drivers desire to pull off and park, they’re unable to because it simply doesn’t exist. And this isn’t just an issue in one or two states, about 72 percent of states have this issue.


          The solutions that have been proposed for this issue are simple. One solution is to convert abandoned business parks into truck parking. While some states have tried to have full-service truck stops that couldn’t sustain themselves, the real issue here is parking. Having 15-20 more parking spots really will make a difference. Especially if you have that mentality all over the country in various areas. A second solution is looking at areas that can be used for emergency truck parking. It’s understandable that not every space can be converted for this purpose, but in times of inclement weather or other situations, it may be necessary to have spaces that trucks can go when they’re not out on the road.

          For more information on truck parking shortages and the problems that arise from this occurrence, check out the National Coalition on Truck Parking. You’ll be up to date on all you need to know about trucking and parking.



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